Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Highlights

Salesforce Spring Release 22

The Salesforce Spring 22 release offers many highly anticipated enhancements that will allow users to improve efficiency, build more powerful automations, and extract more value from the platform.

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Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication

Security is a big part of keeping your customers’ data protected. That’s why beginning February 1, 2022, Salesforce will require customers to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to access Salesforce products.

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Hitting a Salesforce User Adoption Home Run

A modern day update for the old “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” proverb might be: “You can implement the best technology on the market, but you can’t make Jim in Operations like it”. As technology implementers, integrators, and (sometimes) disruptors, we see a lot of this axiom being…

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Why it Might Be Time for a Salesforce Re-Implementation

While this post’s title may make you break out in hives a little, it’s true that objectively looking at your Salesforce system, your initial goals for it, and how it’s working today may lead you to the conclusion that it’s time for a Salesforce re-implementation. Stop me if this sounds too familiar: A few years ago,…

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How to Stop Procrastinating on Setting Salesforce Resolutions

After dropping my son off at a play-date last week, I called my dad and mentioned my to-do list included writing a Salesforce New Year’s Resolutions blog post. I admitted that I kept putting it off and letting it fall to the bottom of my to-do list and my dad asked, “So, is the first…

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Salesforce Quick Tip: Relating a Single Contact to Multiple Accounts

Salesforce Related Contacts

With Salesforce’s Summer 16 Release, a new feature was introduced that is likely beneficial to your organization: Users can now natively relate a Contact record to multiple Accounts in Salesforce. This Salesforce quick tip post will teach you how to quickly enable and leverage this new functionality. This feature was requested nine years ago, and while many…

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Customizing the Salesforce Community Cloud™

The Salesforce Community Cloud™ is an ideal solution for any organization looking to seamlessly integrate a portal for internal or external teams. An extension of the Salesforce® platform, it gives businesses the ability to implement and scale a Community for distinct user groups such as customers, employees, partners, etc. Although Salesforce provides standards Community templates…

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Pardot Marketing Automation Features We Love: Dynamic Lists

Like a lot of our customers, we have a tight, nimble marketing team that’s fielding more requests and has more irons in the fire than there are hours in the day. Our marketing expert team is just that – expert at marketing, not at database manipulation or complex algorithms. So Pardot marketing automation is perfect for…

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Give me an M! How Manufacturers Successfully Use Salesforce

salesforce best practices for manufacturers

We really love helping manufacturers successfully use Salesforce. Here are some tips, best practices, and resources to help you maximize your use of the Salesforce® platform. M | Manufacturers are using Salesforce to simplify complex processes and provide real time information from anywhere and anytime. A | Accessibility and mobility are a challenge for any…

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New Year’s Resolutions (You Can Keep) from Salesforce Experts

Ah, New Year’s Eve–a wonderful time to reflect on a year coming to a close and make plans for a better year ahead. Personally, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions because I find it hard to stick to them or even put them into motion. That said, I do believe there’s a lot of value…

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Five Tips for Showing Marketing ROI in Salesforce

salesforce marketing report roi

If you’re a marketer starting to think about hunkering down with several pumpkin spice lattes and Excel spreadsheets (recommended ratio = 2:1) to crank through your 2016 budget projections, we feel your pain. It’s that time of year when you need to show your marketing ROI and Salesforce is just the platform to help. Our…

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