Pardot Marketing Automation Features We Love: Dynamic Lists

Like a lot of our customers, we have a tight, nimble marketing team that’s fielding more requests and has more irons in the fire than there are hours in the day. Our marketing expert team is just that – expert at marketing, not at database manipulation or complex algorithms. So Pardot marketing automation is perfect for…

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The Aftermath of NOT Using Marketing Automation for Webinar Promotion

Frustrated Salesforce user

A couple months ago, I wrote about how Pardot and marketing automation have helped to make webinar registration seamless–both for our customers and visitors, and for us on the back end. Everything I said in that blog post is true, and then some, as I found out last week. As a quick refresher, here’s some of…

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Infographic: Pardot Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation Stats

Only 23% of sales professionals say marketers consistently deliver sales-ready leads. – BtoB magazine 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than 2 years. – Gleanster “Q3 2013 Marketing Automation Benchmark” The stats above show both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. Marketing automation can help provide sales with better…

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The 5 W’s of Marketing Automation, Part 2

The second in a two-part series; you can find the first part here.  WHO Who should be involved in a move to marketing automation? Like any major IT project, implementing marketing automation will involve many stakeholders across most areas of the organization. Typically, the Marketing team will be the primary drivers of the project, bringing…

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The 5 W’s of Marketing Automation, Part I

Marketing Automation with Pardot by Luxent

“Automation” is the buzzword of the day in many businesses, and marketing shops are no exception. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a look at the “Five W’s of Marketing Automation” to help get your team up to speed on the technology trend that’s here to stay. First, let’s take a look at what…

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Pardot: Creating Superheroes

Pardot Marketing Automation Makes Us Superheroes

Ever since I’ve been at Luxent, my boss (and Marketing Director), has said, “Marketers wear capes!” We’re big believers in being the superheroes that get stuff done, and help our products and services—our company—look as good as they really are. We work hard to make sure our messaging is clear and that we tell our…

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Pardot: Webinar Registration Made Seamless

Pardot Marketing Automation Makes Webinar Registration Easier

When I joined Luxent, I knew nothing about marketing automation and had never heard of Pardot–nor could I pronounce it correctly–but Pardot was implemented a month before I started and I was game to learn. One bit of advice I received was to use Pardot to create an easier, more seamless experience for our webinar…

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