NetSuite Success Training from Luxent

Luxent’s approach to NetSuite Cloud ERP training brings together the best of our ERP, cloud, and manufacturing expertise to help your users feel confident and excited to use the #1 Cloud ERP platform. Our goal is to set your team up for ongoing success. This means not only providing high quality, tailored training that reflects your business and processes, but also creating customized guides that can be used with new team members as your company continues to grow. How it works:

Process Review

We start with a Business Process Review (BPR) to assess your company’s challenges and opportunities. This can be done in the scope of a focused project, such as a NetSuite implementation, or anytime you need to analyze how your systems, processes, and teams are setup.


From the BPR’s findings, we create a blueprint for your project. This is not only used to guide next steps, but also to create your custom training program and documentation that is based on your company’s process workflows. This ensures that all training will exactly mirror the specifications of your business.


As your project finalizes, we work with you to plan for hand-off to your team, including scheduling the right training for the right individuals. We also review your entire project and NetSuite platform setup in order to finalize your organization’s custom training documentation.

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