Special business functions require special solutions. The NetSuite Consulting Experts at Luxent have developed several custom NetSuite solution modules that accommodate a variety of business needs such as routing time-off requests and handling deduction processing. Learn more below or reach out to learn how we can build a custom solution that solves your NetSuite challenges.

AutoShip Inventory Subscription

Continuity, or Subscription-Based, Plans are an increasingly popular way to sell goods and services to customers. If you are juggling inventory to fulfill subscriptions, Luxent makes it easy to define shipping and fulfillment schedules in NetSuite as well as allow customers the ability to manage their subscriptions through the Customer Center functionality. Allows to pick and choose items on a reoccurring basis. Same SKU, same quantity. Ability to select items on a reoccurring basis to auto-ship products to customers.

Automatic Deduction Management

This is for any customer who is working with a Big Box customer and has automatic deductions taken off their invoice. Our solution tracks deductions and manages the overall profitability of the relationship. The deduction processing solution helps to setup the contract, automate deductions, and gain a clear view of the deductions being taken by your customers. This reduces back office administration.

Quick Column Update

Gain the ability to dynamically update any column easily and quickly. Enter the amount once and gain the ability to push the data to multiple lines items for one or multiple columns.

Contract Pricing Tracker

Tracking individual company’s or partner’s contract pricing details can be difficult. The Contract Pricing Module allows you to setup contracts as well as track different product lines or periods of sales and promotions.

Intercompany Automation (Non-Inventory)

This solution automatically creates all relevant intercompany transactions required to successfully process an arms-length transaction. Upon creation of an intercompany PO, the following transactions will be systematically generated:

  • Intercompany Transfer Orders
  • Intercompany Fulfillment (if preference is to fulfill services or non-inventory)
  • Intercompany Receipt
  • Intercompany Vendor Bill
  • Intercompany Journal Entry

Time-Off Request (analyze the status of the worker and reroute the approver)

NetSuite offers a powerful Human Resources solution through its platform and the Time-Off Request Module makes it even easier for users to submit and track their requests directly within the system. With the Time-Off Request Module, any user with appropriate HR access can enter time-off requests in NetSuite and can direct them to the appropriate approver. In addition to facilitating the time-off requests, the Time-Off Request Module allows other transactional approval processes to be streamlined by redirecting approval requests to alternate approvers when the direct approver is out of the office. This prevents bottlenecks in operations.

Internal Help Desk

Employees will always have questions on NetSuite and other solutions they are using on a daily basis. LUXHELP is an easy way for users to submit their questions and have them route to the appropriate person within the company who can help. LUXHELP can be used to store, track, direct, and answer questions to keep users on track.

ACH Integration

LUXENT has built an ACH Connector to streamline the task of paying from/to customers and suppliers in NetSuite. Once in place, you can fully or semi-automate the payment process to securely generate and send payment from your banking institution.

Rental/Lease Manager

If you have leased assets that need tracking, the Rental/Lease Module will show you were your assets are, their current and future availability, and all previous rental history. Forecasting, scheduling, and reporting is streamlined and centralized within NetSuite.

Expert Commission Developer

Our commission module goes beyond what NetSuite offers out of the box with the incentive compensation module. Luxent’s commission module allows complex calculations based on numerous pieces of logic to correctly calculate how much and when the commission is due to a respective sales rep(s).

Multiple Contacts Emailer

NetSuite only allows a single email address to be emailed through native processing. Our solution extends NetSuite to automatically email two or more contacts associated with a vendor or customer record. In addition to being able to email multiple email addresses without any manual intervention, the automation will dynamically email transaction-specific contacts so you can guarantee that the correct people receive the correct emails.

Batch Work Order Automation

Ability to batch demand for assembly items on sales orders. Batching can be performed either within a single work order (if the same item appears on multiple lines) or across multiple sales orders. This reduces the total number of work orders, increases the efficiency of the warehouse, and increases the speed at which orders can be shipped/delivered to a customer.

Advanced PDF with Images

Ability to print custom PDF documents inclusive of item images, identification of primary items, display of optional items (upsell options with pricing), etc. This is a great solution if you want an email confirmation or packing slip with image(s) for shipping.

Consolidated Invoicing

Ability to consolidate multiple customer invoices. This solution provides additional custom flexibility compared with the NetSuite SuiteSolution.

Distribution Sales Orders

Ability to establish a “master order” for total demand of one or more items. From the master order, individual sales orders can be created to ship to multiple destinations. This solution provides the ability to split ship an order without using the multi-ship to functionality. The provides additional flexibility for invoicing the correct entity(ies), consolidated invoicing, etc.

Consolidated Purchase Order

Ability to consolidate multiple vendor purchase orders. This solution was designed to allow for volume-based pricing to a vendor on a single purchase order, while NetSuite maintains individual purchase orders. Individual purchase orders could be required if purchase orders are created from work orders (ex. Three sizes of custom t-shirts require three work orders, however, the purchase of all the blank t-shirts come from a single vendor).

Contract Manufacturing

Ability to organize a “purchase procedure” to facilitate the movement of good/services from multiple suppliers. This is common for decoration/personalization or multi-step manufacturing companies that use multiple suppliers in different physical locations to create a finished good.

Store Pickup

Many companies offer an in-store pickup option on sales orders. To calculate accurate taxation on the order, the ship to address must be the store’s address. The store pickup solution automatically sets the address of the inventory location on the order as the ship to address when an “In-Store Pickup” shipping method is used. This increases tax calculation accuracy and decreases the manual time to update the ship to address on orders.

Optional Items

NetSuite does not offer a native way to add optional items to a quote. Many CRM driven organizations like to offer their prospects optional “upsell” items displayed on a quote. As an example, if you are quoting a car, you can display the base price of the car and then display the upsell options in a separate Optional Items table for the colors, interior color, package upgrades, etc.

Sticky Header

This solution allows a user to freeze the headers in any sublist on Transaction, Item, Entity, and CRM records so they won't scroll off the page. It also adds greater usability to sublists in NetSuite by creating "sticky" action buttons that follow a user's horizontal scrolling.  The solution is installed by a click of a button, and you are ready to go. The Sticky Header LUXSolution adds functionality which greatly enhances the user experience.  It's a game-changer. Click HERE to learn more.

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