NetSuite Implementation Administrator

Getting the most from your NetSuite platform starts with a smooth product implementation. Ensure the success of your NetSuite implementation with a dedicated NetSuite Implementation Administrator. This resource acts as an extension of your team and will help you with all aspects of planning, implementation, and go-live. Additionally, you’ll gain a NetSuite expert who is your team’s advocate and guide throughout your implementation.

What You Get

The NetSuite Implementation Administrator helps you at every step of your NetSuite implementation to ensure it runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. This includes:

  1. Readiness Assessment
    As an expert in NetSuite and cloud technology, your NetSuite Implementation Administrator will help assess where your team is today and what you need to do in order to be ready for your implementation. This includes risk analysis and setting the scope of your project, goals, and timeline.
  2. Requirements Gathering and Process Mapping
    Once ready, your NetSuite Implementation Administrator will go through a requirements gathering phase to ensure all areas are prepared for your implementation and then use these requirements to map out your implementation. This includes meeting with key stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations and getting internal sign-off on the active implementation phases ahead.
  3. Business Requirements Documentation
    The NetSuite Implementation Administrator, along with the Luxent consulting team, will summarize the functional and procedural requirements captured during the business Process Mapping Phase of the implementation. This document represents information gathered in meetings held with key stakeholders, which enables the Luxent team to map the business requirements to an efficient flow in the NetSuite application. The resulting Business Requirement Document (BRD) will serve as a blueprint for the Luxent team to configure the application.
  4. Project Management
    The most important role of the NetSuite Implementation Administrator is to keep your project on track. This includes handling day-to-day tasks, ensuring resources are managed appropriately, taking the lead on any interaction with consultants, troubleshooting as issues arise, tracking the budget and timeline, and being your go-to contact for all questions and updates related to your implementation.
  5. Hand-off Transition
    Once you are ready to go live on your NetSuite platform, the NetSuite Implementation Administrator will prepare your team for the transition. This includes ensuring documentation is prepared, necessary training has been scheduled/held, tying up any loose ends from the implementation, and ensuring your team is confident and ready to use the NetSuite platform successfully.

Where you’ll see success

Thorough, Complete Implementation

With an on-time, on-budget implementation that accounts for the needs and nuances of your company, you’ll go-live feeling ready to use the NetSuite platform to its fullest potential.

User Confidence and Adoption

The best way to maximize value quickly is to have users competently and confidently using your system. With thorough planning, implementation, and hand-off phases led by your NetSuite Implementation Administrator, your team will be ready to take the reins.


Ultimately, a project’s success comes down to seeing a return on your investment. Your NetSuite Implementation Administrator will help you get up and running on your new, more efficient system so that you can measure your results sooner.

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