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Salesforce® is a versatile, cloud-based CRM that makes it easy to track, manage, and sell

Salesforce® is the leader in cloud-based CRM and helps companies of all sizes track success, build customer relationships, and gain insight into key business activities. Available anywhere, on any device, Salesforce® is a highly customizable cloud solution that helps businesses grow. For manufacturers and distributors looking to leverage the Salesforce® platform, Luxent offers deep industry, Salesforce®, ERP, and cloud expertise to help you optimally implement, integrate, and use Salesforce®.


Supercharge growth by connecting sales with service, marketing, and more. See every interaction prospects and customers have with your business—regardless of department—using the CRM platform that connects your whole company.


Build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Engage across marketing, sales, commerce, and service touchpoints to connect with customers at the right time with the right message. Track and analyze the results to optimize every experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Customer Service

Easily deliver instant, personalized service that drives growth and exceeds customers' expectations. Trailblazing customer service means creating tailored, conversational experiences, no matter where or how customers interact with your company.

Why Luxent?

The leading Customer Relationship Management platform, Salesforce® is most effective when it seamlessly supports your business, processes, and users. Whether you're implementing Salesforce® or looking to increase its usability and functionality, the Salesforce® experts at Luxent are here to help. Our consultants and support team have expertise with all aspects of the Salesforce® platform including the Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, Salesforce Marketing Cloud™, Lightning, and application development.

Additionally, our deep manufacturing and distribution industry expertise means that we can help you implement and configure Salesforce® to support your specific needs, including integrating Salesforce® to your back-end ERP platformbuilding partner and distributor portals, and implementing advanced quoting solutions.


We've helped companies of all shapes and sizes effectively implement Salesforce® for their organizations. With deep industry expertise and knowledge in the manufacturing and distribution industries, we're able to scope accurately, estimate timelines precisely, and deliver your Salesforce implementation on time and on budget. Whether your company needs a Quick Start or a highly custom implementation, Luxent's experts can help.


Any technology platform needs ongoing tweaks to keep it running effectively and efficiently. Luxent's Salesforce experts can help you take your Salesforce® CRM platform to the next level with optimization, customization, extended solutions, integration, quoting, and general consulting services to keep Salesforce® running as smoothly as you need it. Our team of certified Admins, Developers, and Consultants can help you see improved user adoption and ROI from Salesforce®.


Salesforce® is a central location for some of your company's most sensitive and important data so ensuring it's seamlessly and securely available wherever you need it is critical. LiNK Data Integration brings together the data in your most business critical systems to ensure accurate, up-to-date information is available wherever your users need it.

Configure, Price, Quote

For manufacturers and distributors with complex or configured estimating and quoting needs, Luxent built iQ Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to make it fast and easy to build and configure quotes directly within the Salesforce® platform. A native Salesforce® application built on the Salesforce1™ platform, iQ is a fast, easy, and collaborative cloud solution.


The Community Cloud™ is an innovative way to connect distributors, partners, or employees through the easy-to-use Salesforce® platform. Luxent can help you build and leverage the Community Cloud™ with services ranging from implementation to customization to branding and more.


User adoption is key to your Salesforce ROI. Luxent's Salesforce experts offer a variety of on-site and remote Salesforce® training options to help train everyone on your team from power users to everyday users. Whether you're training your team for go-live or need a refresher to complement business or process changes, Luxent's team of Salesforce trainers can help your team feel confident on the Salesforce® platform.


Do you need additional help supporting your users and driving Salesforce® user adoption? Luxent's support team can help you improve the performance of your Salesforce® platform and ensure your integrations, applications, and processes are working smoothly.


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