Summer ’13 – Finally! Owner Fields in Formulas

As a Salesforce Consultant and Developer, I’ve been constantly frustrated by the difficulty in pulling related object owner fields in formulas.  We’ve all been there with the choice of an inelegant and potentially huge case formula, or writing Apex triggers to solve the problem in the past! Thankfully, the Summer ’13 release finally gives us an easy way to pull these data. I’ve always suspected that part of this limitation was due to the polymorphic nature of the Owner field, meaning it can be related to a queue or a user in many cases. Let’s see these in action and bring the owner field for Accounts over to the Opportunity object.

To utilize this enhancement, simply create a new custom field, I am going to use the Account Owner name on an Opportunity as an example, and choose Formula as the type.


The output type will be Text.


Now as we traverse the relationships from Opportunity to Account to Account Owner we can now select the Owner’s first name and last name.


Here’s what the end formula should look like:


And, finally, our end result!


While perhaps not as fun as writing an Apex trigger and some test code, a lot quicker and something Admins everywhere should be happy about!

For those of you reading this that don’t have an dedicated Salesforce Administrator, or who have one that needs a second set of eyes or hands, drop us a line and ask us about our Tier3 support service or check out our Salesforce training offerings.