Leveraging the NetSuite Turn-Key Solution to Your Online Presence

Developing the key infrastructure of a business costs money–lots of it if done incorrectly. Companies spend money needlessly to correct missteps, hire software-specific specialists, and pay with the opportunity cost of lost revenue from customers they did not capture. Building an e-commerce platform, website, and customer portal independent from each other is extremely inefficient and…

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Written by Andrew Barrera Andrew Barrera

3 Tips For A Successful ERP Data Conversion

When it comes to an ERP implementation, one of the most important (and yet most overlooked) processes your organization will go through is data conversion. Data is not only critical to every facet of your business, it’s something that’s constantly being created, accessed, and modified. Over time, data issues and unresolved errors accumulate (which is probably…

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Written by Chris Wu Chris Wu

5 Tips for a Successful ERP Implementation

ERP success implementation

When it comes to a successful ERP implementation, there’s a lot to take into account. Unfortunately, for many companies those considerations come in the selection process and by the time the project is in implementation planning and execution, everyone’s too exhausted to fully work through all the changes, processes, and assignments needed to ensure the…

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Written by Heather Dusterberg Heather Dusterberg

How to get more from your NetSuite platform in 2016

As we start off a brand new year, it’s a great time to assess your NetSuite platform, how it’s working for you, and where you can continue to drive improvements in its efficiency. This way, you can implement changes now and see the results all year long. Wrapping up a great year of working with…

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Written by Heather Dusterberg Heather Dusterberg

Salesforce Service Cloud by Luxent: The Custom Side (Part 2)

Salesforce Service Cloud Case Accept Salesforce1 Screenshot

Sometimes clients request solutions within Salesforce Service Cloud that fall outside of native functionality. In addition to the unified, holistic view of support operations within one screen that was discussed in the previous blog post, here are a few examples of custom modules which Luxent designed and implemented for ViON in Service Cloud: Ability to…

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Written by Laura Thompson Laura Thompson

Salesforce Quick Hit Series: Process Automation Toolbox

Salesforce Process Builder

Watch as Certified Salesforce Consultant, Meredith Kleinow at Luxent, walks through the Process Automation Toolbox in Salesforce in our latest Salesforce Quick Hit Series video.

Written by Meredith Fay Kleinow Meredith Fay Kleinow

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Tool for your SMB

Marketing for B2B

You’re ready to take the plunge and bring marketing automation into your business. (What’s “marketing automation?” See previous post here) Now what? Just figuring out which marketing automation tools to research can seem like a daunting task. Let’s narrow the field a bit. If you’re operating in the B2B space, and use Salesforce as your…

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Written by Meredith Fay Kleinow Meredith Fay Kleinow

Salesforce Quick Hit Series: Creating and Using Bucket Fields in Salesforce Reports

Salesforce bucket fields

Watch as Dan Ervin, Certified Advanced Salesforce Consultant at Luxent, walks Salesforce users through how to create and use bucket fields in Salesforce reports.  

Written by Laura Monn Ginsburg Laura Monn Ginsburg

Salesforce Tips and Tricks: 7 Day FUP Button

Salesforce Tips and Tricks: Follow Up Pic

One of my favorite, and I think truest, sales quotes of all time is this: “It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you,” by Patricia Fripp. Hence, the importance of following up with leads, opportunities, and customers….

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Written by Chad Smith Chad Smith

Salesforce Tips and Tricks: How to Convert a Lead in Use by a Time-Based Workflow in Salesforce

How to Convert a Lead in Salesforce Screenshot

Have you ever tried to convert a Lead, only to get the “Unable to convert lead that is in use by workflow” message? Annoying isn’t it? Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy workaround using an additional custom field, and a JavaScript button, but first why would you want to use time based workflows on leads?  One,…

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Written by Chad Smith Chad Smith

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