Top 10 reasons why manufacturers choose a CPQ solution (Part 2)

And now, part two of why manufacturers choose a CPQ solution:

5. To gain insight.

Companies, sales reps and management need the insight in order to react to sales trends and close deals anytime, anywhere! Sales managers are always looking for the reports and dashboards that “they have never been able to get before.”

4. To consolidate systems.

Multiple, un-integrated systems can result in inconsistencies in sales process, pricing and product information. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to have one system for configuration, another for creating a quote, a third for sending the quote, and a final system to store the order. One CRM system with a custom quoting application integrated with your ERP gives manufacturers one system for sales and service and a dedicated system for finance and accounting.

3. To streamline the process.

Traditional on-premise quoting applications are cumbersome, complex, and have limited collaboration and accessibility points. Manufacturers are looking for ways to handle even the most complex of quotes in a simple, easy to use, accessible system that is part of their overall sales process.

2. To stay competitive.

When quotes are inaccurate and taking to long to produce prospects and customers get impatient. In this world where everyone wants everything instantly, this causes consumers to go with the most responsive vendors meaning someone else is getting your business.

1. To increase sales effectiveness and spend more time selling.

More time selling equals more revenue — something all manufacturers are looking for!

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