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Winter ’14

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Now that Winter ’14 has finally been rolled out to production orgs worldwide its time to start using the new features.  If you haven’t been picking through the release notes with a fine-toothed comb then I’ll save you some time and offer up a cliff notes version.  I’ll be highlighting my favorites and an example or two for each, check them out below.

Embedded Analytics

Have you ever wanted some insightful visuals right on your Account detail page?  Well now it’s easier than ever with embedded analytics. You no longer have to result to complicated Visualforce page components, but instead can easily build a native Salesforce report chart and then drag and drop into your detail page via the page layout editor.


Historical Trend Reporting

The ability to trend data over time has been a hot topic among Salesforce users for some time.  Previously the only feature to accomplish this was to implement Analytical Snapshots.  Analytical Snapshots, while serving their purpose, were conceptually difficult and a pain to setup/manage.

Salesforce simplifies Analytical Snapshots into a new feature they’re coining as “Historical Trend Reporting”.  With Historical Trend Reporting you can trend data from day-to-day or week-to-week (while specifying 5 different “snapshot” dates).  Historical Trend Reporting is super easy to setup and the data can easily be brought into native Salesforce reports and charts.  With simplicity always comes some limitations, so check out the release notes (or inquire in the comments) for a full list of limitations that come along this new feature.


Sales Cloud Console

Previously only available for the Service Cloud the console is now included for all users with a Sales Cloud license.  The console is perfect for bringing the information and features sales representatives need most into a consolidated view.  The console is really flexible and can be tweaked for your needs to optimize productively.


Pricebooks Available in Lookup Fields

The availability of Pricebooks in lookup fields may not seem very noteworthy, but it truly offers up a world of possibilities.  In my opinion this is the most underrated feature of Winter ’14 and has the potential to change how the pricing model is implemented for organizations using Salesforce.  I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but look for a future blog post on how Luxent is using this new feature to build some really powerful customizations around Pricebooks and our Connect ERP integration.

Honorable Mention

Not all new Winter’ 14 features could make the cut, but here’s an honorable mention list that definitely should be checked out:

  1. Analytics API (adds the ability to access native Salesforce reports programmatically)
  2. Workflow rules for the User object
  3. Approval process comments merge field now available for all email templates
  4. Sandbox storage limit increases from 10MB to 200MB
  5. @ Mention Chatter groups



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