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LUXSupport – Stronger Users, Better ROI

August 26, 2021

Almost a year ago, Ryan Riss, our Director of Support, came to me and said he felt he could build a support offering that filled a critical gap in our customers’ post-go-live support needs.   

Many customers see go-live as the crossing of a finish line and then stop implementing as though the marathon is over. Understandably, they are tired, want to get back to their businesses, and stop paying consultants. 

But the marathon isn’t over at the finish line of go-live – customers need support more than ever as they make NetSuite part of their everyday business lives. Users need additional training, configurations needed fine-tuning, reports and dashboards need tweaks and enhancements, and so on. Your business doesn’t stop growing and changing the moment you go live.    

LUXSupport offers customers ongoing support, training, and consulting to grow and nurture their teams and their NetSuite investment through access to our team of certified industry experts that know your company, configuration, and users.  

Time and again, we see that the customers who prioritize their ongoing commitment to maximizing their NetSuite investment have the happiest users and the fastest-growing bottom lines.  

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