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NetSuite Managed Services

Our NetSuite Managed Services Program

When it comes to supporting your company’s and team’s growth with NetSuite, you need a partner that sees support as more than resetting passwords. At LUXENT, we’ve revolutionized the concept of support to ensure users continue to learn, build confidence, and find success with NetSuite ERP.

LUXService+ helps users:

  • Get fast and efficient answers to their daytoday questions from certified NetSuite consultants   
  • Continue to grow, learn, optimize and automate
  • Access advanced consulting services as your continue to grow and expand with NetSuite 
  • Stay on top of all the latest NetSuite releases and enhancements 
  • Build their skills with training options for everyone from new users to existing users to strengthen confidence and use 
  • Make the most of your NetSuite investment  
Luxent Top Rated NetSuite Partner
“We were tired of hearing ‘I’ll check on that and get back to you’ every time we called our previous service provider for support. We needed a support team that could act as additional capacity to our team and be accountable and responsive when an issue came up, that's why we turned to LUXService+."
Chris Vargo
Director of Finance

Do You Need a NetSuite Managed Services Program?

NetSuite ERP software provides valuable functionality to advance your business operations.  A managed services program allows companies to get the most value from their NetSuite investment. Here are a few reasons businesses may seek managed services:

  • Time savings: While NetSuite is a powerful platform, it’s also complex. Using managed services allows certified consultants familiar with your implementation to provide assistance, freeing you to focus on other essential business tasks. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Hiring an in-house expert creates high costs. An outside management team offers a more cost-effective solution and varied expertise for more effective NetSuite maintenance management. 
  • Proactive support: Many companies using ERP systems use a break-fix model, only fixing problems when they cause breakdowns. Managed services monitors your system to fix minor issues before they escalate and continuously optimizes the software. 

Our NetSuite Support Services

Luxent offers LUXService+, a tiered NetSuite managed services program. These services involve dedicated support from experts across various skill sets, from certified consultants to advanced accounting or supply chain management professionals. We offer varying levels of services, from NetSuite basic support services to enterprise solutions, giving companies of every size and complexity a solution that suits their operations. 

Our services guide you before, during and after the implementation with features like release previews and continued training. We also provide a secure customization vault, protecting your unique NetSuite configurations.


Success & Account Manager
Customization Vault
Discount on LUXSolutions
Training & Education
Access to NetSuite PRemier Support

LUXService+ Services

Luxent’s managed services through LUXService+ offers the tailored support your business needs to succeed in NetSuite implementation and ongoing use. Our system support comes from experts who understand your business and its unique NetSuite software implementation. We provide many advantages that make our support services stand out, including:

Luxent Top Rated NetSuite Partner

We make NetSuite work better for your company and its users, and we’re always here to tweak processes, troubleshoot issues or add functionality. Whether you seek standard support or an enterprise-level solution, we have a service to suit your business. Empower ongoing company success with management services from us. 


LUXService+ Offerings

Packages Starting at $1,950/month


  • Access to LUXSupport Portal
  • General "How To" support
  • General Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution
  • Monthly Case Reporting
  • Premier NetSuite Support
  • Annual Health Check


  • Standard Package plus...
  • Bi-annual Health Check
  • Quarterly Lunch & Learns
  • Tailored NetSuite Training
  • Release Note Highlights (2 per year)
  • Biannual Upgrade Support
  • Monthly NetSuite Performance Analysis
  • Multi-Environment Management


  • Premier Package plus...
  • Company-Wide LUXSupport Portal Access
  • Quarterly Health Check
  • Detailed New Release Impact Analysis
  • Weekly NetSuite Performance Analysis
  • Managed IDE/Source Control
  • Custom Knowledge Base
  • Live Chat Through Microsoft Teams


Luxent is your cloud ERP partner, bringing solutions to make everyday business operations smoother. Whether you’re implementing NetSuite for the first time or need outside assistance to maximize your existing investment, we provide dedicated support. 

Our services cover every detail, from general troubleshooting to regular system health checks. We also aim to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing NetSuite advanced customer support. With responsive service and innovative solutions, we give you an ERP system that uniquely suits your business.

Learn more about NetSuite and its benefits for your business with a product tour from Luxent. 

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