Take NetSuite Cloud ERP to the next level

Getting the most ROI, usability, and business value out of your NetSuite ERP system starts with the right partner. Luxent’s NetSuite consulting team has deep experience with ERP, cloud solutions, and the manufacturing, distribution, services, and software industries.

From implementation to integration to customization, we can help you maximize your investment and take your ERP to the cloud. Our NetSuite services include:

Planning & Implementation

A successful NetSuite implementation starts with a great plan. Our NetSuite consulting team can ensure your project is efficient and thorough by guiding you through the planning stages, helping you define who will makeup your internal team, and supporting you throughout your implementation. Learn about our NetSuite Implementation Administrator

ERP Optimization

Luxent’s ERP Effectiveness Assessment takes your use of NetSuite ERP to the next level. Our NetSuite consultants will look at your current usage and create a plan that will help you use your NetSuite ERP solution more effectively and thoroughly to maximize your investment and efficiency.

Data Migration

After years of operating your business, you have a significant amount of data that resides either in your legacy system or in multiple data stores. Data migration is an important part of a successful ERP project and we’ve got the tools and the experience to make the process fast and worry-free.

NetSuite Configuration & Administration

Our consultants will guide your team with best practices for implementing and configuring your NetSuite platform so that you and your users are able to effectively use all its robust attributes.

NetSuite Training

Your ERP system is only as powerful as the users who interact with it every day. Luxent’s NetSuite consulting team will create an enablement program tailored for your users and your business that improves user adoption and bottom-line ROI. 

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is a powerful tool for managing your customer relationships, tracking sales activities, and boosting company productivity. Luxent can integrate your NetSuite and Salesforce systems so that accurate, updated data is always available.

Other Integrations

Luxent’s LiNK Data Integration solution was built for companies looking to gain visibility and visibility across their organizations by delivering data between systems in real-time. Learn more about integrating NetSuite ERP with powerful platforms such as Salesforce CRM.

Custom Solution Modules

When you need to accommodate special situations in NetSuite such as supporting subscription-based buying plans or contract pricing, the Luxent NetSuite experts are here to help. Learn more about our Custom NetSuite Solution Modules and how they solve for unique challenges.

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