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NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution

In the wholesale distribution industry, full visibility matters most. When you can see your entire supply chain, inventory quantities, and where financials and accounting stand, you can keep up with changing market conditions and customer expectations. 

NetSuite ERP, the leading cloud ERP platform for midsize businesses, is built to support businesses in wholesale distribution with a robust platform that gives you the real-time data you need to track inventory, manage orders, and reduce manual errors so that your business can grow. 

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How LUXENT Delivers for Wholesale Distributors

LUXENT is committed to helping wholesale distributors transform their business by taking full advantage of NetSuite ERP platform. We offer several NetSuite services, including: 

  • Licensing: As a certified NetSuite Solution Provider, we can assist your business in purchasing the right NetSuite licensing.
  • Implementation: Luxent will help you get the full value of your NetSuite industrial distribution software investment with a detailed implementation plan to guide your team to success. 
  • Development and integration: LUXENT is an experienced SuiteCloud Developer with a team of architects and developers that have practical business applications to the needs of wholesale distributors to help you customize the wholesale distribution ERP software to your business process.

Get More with NetSuite

NetSuite’s comprehensive fulfillment controls help you reduce your cycle times and shipping costs while increasing your on-time delivery rates.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Speed deliveries and save on shipping costs.

Increase On-Time Delivery Rates

Meet customer expectations to improve loyalty.

Save Fulfillment Resources

Improve pick, pack and ship process with zone and wave picking while prioritizing picking by carrier pick up time.

Eliminate inventory silos between channels and achieve the perfect product assortment. Avoid stock-outs, free up cash flow and deliver on promises with a unified instance of inventory data across all channels.

Control and monitor your outsourced manufacturing processes like they’re your own.

Where a product is manufactured, and who it’s manufactured by, should not be a barrier to growth. NetSuite delivers a global view of inventory, regardless of where it is in production, allowing companies to manage outsourced production as if they were doing the manufacturing.

NetSuite provides real-time inventory visibility, vendor location management and full distribution requirement planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning.

Deliver Engaging Shopping Experiences

Since ecommerce is natively unified with your back-office systems, a single source of customer, order, inventory data is used to power your website to provide a more relevant and engaging online experience.

Any Device

Create content once and automatically adjust site screen sizes and capabilities for different devices with responsive design.

Increase Conversions

Boost sales with flexible promotions and relevant product recommendations based on merchant-driven rules like browsing behavior or best sellers.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Give shoppers easy access to manage their accounts, track order status, request returns and submit inquiries without having to call customer support.

Manage the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Today’s successful companies adapt to their customers’ needs. Where possible, they have replaced manual processes with automated ones to increase efficiency and responsiveness. 

NetSuite customer relationship management (CRM) delivers powerful capabilities all in a single cloud solution, including sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service and support management. NetSuite CRM also includes powerful sales performance management, order management and partner management seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce systems. A complete picture of sales helps you plan your shop floor operations and improve your forecasting. 

“With LUXENT’s toolset, expertise, and ability to manage and organize our implementation efficiently, we were up and live in two months, just in time for the holiday crunch and to be ready to keep up our growth.”
Jeff Yeakel
Art of Sport

NetSuite Modules for Wholesale Distributors

NetSuite is an industry leader in software for wholesale distribution that provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing all the different aspects of the industry. You can implement the following modules to leverage NetSuite’s full power and flexibility.

  • NetSuite ERP: NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one cloud management solution that automates primary business processes and provides real-time visibility in operations and financial performance. 
  • NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WWS): NetSuite WWS streamlines warehouse operations with industry-leading practices. With this module, you can track inventory in real-time, optimize storage space, improve packing efficiency and simplify data capture with mobile device barcode scanning.
  • NetSuite CRM: NetSuite CRM provides a single place to view and manage interactions with customers, leads, suppliers and partners. This module can help improve sales performance, customer engagement and experience through real-time access to essential customer information. 
  • NetSuite Demand Planning: Using past demands, sales forecasts, seasonality and other metrics, NetSuite Demand Planning predicts future inventory needs. These automated predictions ensure you have the right amount of material to meet customer demands at all times.
  • NetSuite OneWorld: NetSuite OneWorld module provides a unified real-time management solution across hundreds of countries. It allows distributors to manage financial and operational efficiencies and ensure compliance on a global scale from a single platform. 
  • NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies: This module streamlines the manufacturing process by allowing you to build complex multilevel bill materials, define assembly items, create work orders, control transfer orders between locations and more. 
  • NetSuite Advanced Inventory: This module enables better inventory management across multiple locations. With a single, real-time view of inventory items and orders, you can eliminate stockouts, complete speedy order fulfilments and improve customer satisfaction. 

Work With NetSuite Experts for Your Whole Distribution Needs

LUXENT is a certified NetSuite Partner with extensive experience in helping distributors leverage NetSuite to improve operations and drive growth. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you use NetSuite for distribution processes.

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