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Business is moving to the cloud and NetSuite ERP helps smart businesses make the most of it. To streamline processes, gain new efficiencies and stay competitive, businesses need a comprehensive, scalable and flexible solution that makes it easy to run, adapt and grow. 

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP platform provides unparalleled flexibility, scalability and accessibility. 

NetSuite Products

Customer Relationship Manager
Analytics & Reporting
Global Business Manager


NetSuite Cloud Accounting gives you the real-time data insights you need to streamline financials across departments and grow your business. It can help you automate manual processes, meet compliance requirements and evaluate financial performance so that you can run your business smoother and smarter. Securely access consistent, up-to-date financial information from anywhere and at any time.


NetSuite SuiteAnalytics offers real-time visibility into operational and financial performance across all business functions. The analytics and reporting capabilities provide prebuilt and customizable reports, and the role-based dashboards and key performance indicators enhance your business performance monitoring. The platform also comes with a helpful library of customizable reports based on a unified source of financial and operational information, so you can easily and securely access real-time data. With NetSuite SuiteAnalytics, you can enjoy faster, more confident business decision-making.


NetSuite Commerce focuses on e-commerce capabilities, allowing you to manage and optimize your business’s online sales channels. Key aspects you can manage include:

  • E-commerce website: Create and manage your website efficiently, including your product listings, pricing and content.
  • Orders and inventory: Streamline order processing and inventory management to ensure accurate and timely fulfillment.
  • Customer experiences: Enhance the online shopping experience with features like personalized recommendations and a user-friendly interface.


NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive solution that provides the reliable real-time data you need to manage relationships for greater business growth. It enables you to centralize customer information so that you can reduce duplicate and inaccurate data, run targeted marketing campaigns, track leads and optimize marketing efforts. NetSuite CRM also streamlines sales processes with tools for lead management, opportunity tracking and quote generation and enables you to automate your service processes to enhance overall customer satisfaction.


NetSuite OneWorld enables you to manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single ERP. It supports 27 languages and 190 currencies, helping you work seamlessly with global customers and suppliers while remaining compliant with local requirements. NetSuite OneWorld also provides real-time visibility into your operational and financial performance, promotes standardized processes and enhances risk management.


NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform is a comprehensive platform as a service that empowers you to extend, customize and integrate applications within the NetSuite ecosystem. Some of these applications include SuiteScript, SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, SuiteTalk, SuiteCommerce, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteBundler and SuiteCloud Development Framework. You can easily make changes of any size while maximizing efficiency.

Built For Every Business

Whatever your industry, NetSuite is ready to help you grow. LUXENT’s NetSuite Consulting Team has experience in key industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Medical Device and more. Our deep bench of experts will ensure you implement exactly what you need to help your business continue to meet new challenges.

NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP

NetSuite ERP helps businesses:

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Key features built for business:

Choosing the Right Partner

Selecting, implementing and continuing to grow with an ERP solution is a big commitment. LUXENT is a premiere NetSuite partner that helps midsize businesses with every step of the process. From evaluating software needs, leveraging the right solutions at the right time and ensuring user adoption, LUXENT is a NetSuite partner you can trust to guide you through the entire journey. 

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