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Ongoing NetSuite Training

Investing in NetSuite means investing in the users who use it. The most successful NetSuite customers are those that commit to continuing education and learning reinforcement for their users.  

LUXUniversity offers a variety of classes tailored by job role and function to support your users’ knowledge and mastery using NetSuite. It was built to make new users confident and existing users powerful. 

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The Hard Facts

One-time training doesn’t last forever.

If your employees only went through system training when you implemented NetSuite or in their first week at work, it’s time for a refresher. Knowledge diminishes quickly if it is not reinforced.  

People, and their roles, change with time.

Employees change positions within a company every two to three years. With new jobs come new ways of needing to use systems and technology.   

Workarounds abound.

Employees will revert to outside system such as Excel, Word, or even pen and paper if they aren’t sure how to use a system that, while intuitive and user friendly, can seem overwhelming to an untrained user. 

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