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Ongoing NetSuite Training

Investing in NetSuite means investing in the users who use it. The most successful NetSuite customers are those who commit to continuing education and learning reinforcement for their users.  

LUXUniversity offers a variety of classes tailored by job role and function to support your users’ knowledge and mastery using NetSuite. It was built to make new users confident and existing users powerful.

Our classes are tailored to your particular business operations and jobs within your company. Our training covers topics for everyday users, from analysts to inventory and sales managers. Well-trained users can leverage NetSuite more effectively, allowing your business to enhance productivity and meet operational goals.

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Why Do You Need Ongoing NetSuite Training?

NetSuite is a powerful and multidimensional platform, and training ensures users can seize its full potential. Ongoing training helps users unfamiliar with the platform and provides more advanced knowledge to those with a general understanding of the software. LUXUniversity has something for everyone, from general ongoing training to keep your users up to date with the newest features in NetSuite, to best practices, and onboarding of new employees.

Here are the hard facts about why you need ongoing NetSuite training.

The Hard Facts

One-Time Training Doesn't Last Forever

If your employees only went through system training when you implemented NetSuite or in their first week at work, it’s time for a refresher. Knowledge diminishes quickly if it is not reinforced.  

People, and Their Roles, Change With Time

Employees change positions within a company every two to three years. With new jobs come new ways of needing to use systems and technology. As new employees join the company, they must also learn the system to maintain smooth operations.   

Workarounds Abound

Employees will revert to outside systems such as Excel, Word or even pen and paper if they aren’t sure how to use a system that, while intuitive and user-friendly, can seem overwhelming to an untrained user. 

The System Changes

The NetSuite platform regularly gets updates and new features. Ongoing training gives users the necessary knowledge to utilize these enhancements to better their processes.

Partner With Luxent for NetSuite Training

Once you’ve implemented and tailored NetSuite to suit your organization’s needs, Luxent will ensure you get long-lasting value and return on your investment through training services. LUXUniversity provides tailored training programs to fit each unique business and the varying roles that use the software. 

We’ll ensure your employees have the skills to maximize the system’s potential. Users will learn to use the software more productively and troubleshoot issues, meaning less spent on support.

Luxent is a NetSuite Solution provider assisting with everything from implementation to ongoing training services to give you the most from your ERP software. Learn more about NetSuite with a product demo, or contact us for information about LUXUniversity.

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Here are the answers to questions we often receive about NetSuite training.

What Does NetSuite Training Cost?

We don’t have fixed-price training packages because every business has different needs. We’ll customize training and pricing based on factors like the level of training, methods used, number of participants and training length.

Is NetSuite End-User Training Important?

End users will utilize NetSuite daily in their business processes, so they need to know how to use it effectively. Training improves efficiency and reduces usage errors. Whether users work in accounting, inventory management or project management roles, training will allow them to do their jobs better.

What Is Unique With Luxent’s NetSuite Training?

Luxent’s NetSuite training focuses on the ways each employee will leverage the program. An accountant will use the ERP software for different functions than a project or purchasing manager. We understand these differences and provide unique training to fit various roles. We can also offer more general or in-depth training depending on the user.