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NetSuite for Manufacturing

NetSuite for Manufacturing

ERP Software for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is expansive and always growing in new directions. To manage and grow effectively, you need full visibility into every corner of your operations so you can drive efficiency, gain flexibility, and deliver more for your customers.  

NetSuite ERP, the leading cloud ERP platform for midsize businesses, is built for manufacturers. From procurement to the back office, you can see and manage everything you need in the leading cloud-based ERP platform. Whether you’re going global or shipping around the corner, NetSuite can help you plan, build, and grow. 

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ERP Built for Manufacturing

In the highly competitive manufacturing industry, your business needs solutions to streamline internal operations while appealing to customers. NetSuite offers a cloud ERP manufacturing solution allowing you to access company data from wherever you are. The platform manages details like revenue and savings to identify new growth opportunities. 

With NetSuite, you also have the tools to notice changes in the industry and adapt internal processes to keep pace and succeed. 

Get More with NetSuite

Efficiently Manage Your Financial Processes

From bank reconciliation and assets management to receivables, payables, revenue management and more, NetSuite helps you automate complex financial processes.

NetSuite financial management solutions expedite daily financial transactions, reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times, ensure compliance and accelerate the financial close. Our cloud-based platform delivers real-time visibility into the financial performance of any business, from a consolidated level down to individual transactions. NetSuite financial management seamlessly integrates with additional business applications — including order management, inventory, CRM and commerce — so you can run your entire business with a single solution.

Control and monitor your outsourced manufacturing processes like they’re your own.

Where a product is manufactured, and who it’s manufactured by, should not be a barrier to growth. NetSuite delivers a global view of inventory, regardless of where it is in production, allowing companies to manage outsourced production as if they were doing the manufacturing.

NetSuite provides real-time inventory visibility, vendor location management and full distribution requirement planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning.

Automatically balance supply and demand, ensuring you have the right inventory in the right place at the right time.

Scheduling is one of the most complex functions within manufacturing. NetSuite delivers a real-time scheduling engine that is flexible, yet intuitive, with finite and infinite capacity scheduling.

View all upcoming work orders – when you want, how you want.

With either a traditional calendar view or a Gantt chart, NetSuite displays upcoming production with intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Once everything is scheduled, get a real-time view of production and even identify potential problem areas.

Manage your suppliers and purchasing processes with the visibility to ensure you get the products when you need them, at the best price.

NetSuite was built to support the needs of product-based businesses from the start. Today, it offers a variety of native features like requests for quote, blanket purchase orders and purchase contracts to help ensure that you have the right materials or items available, at the right time, in the right place.

Make the procure-to-pay process more efficient with smarter spending.

NetSuite helps companies improve the procurement process with tools that better monitor spending, simplify requests for goods and services, and deliver real-time visibility throughout your operations.

Make improvements across the floor.

Many manufacturers spend significant time and effort trying to perfect future plans with planning and scheduling applications. Recording when, where, what, why and how your products are currently being manufactured is just as critical. In fact, it’s a key element to a more accurate schedule. NetSuite makes it easy to quickly and accurately gather information from the manufacturing process.

Get real-time updates from the shop floor via NetSuite’s interactive tablet application.

The tablet application can be deployed through any tablet’s browser and can accurately record exactly what’s happening during each step of the manufacturing process. The application provides an interactive work queue showing all current and future operations scheduled through the current work center. The user-friendly layout is specifically designed to be used in harsh manufacturing environments and can even be operated while wearing gloves.

Manage the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Today’s successful companies adapt to their customers’ needs. Where possible, they have replaced manual processes with automated ones to increase efficiency and responsiveness. 

NetSuite customer relationship management (CRM) delivers powerful capabilities all in a single cloud solution, including sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service and support management. NetSuite CRM also includes powerful sales performance management, order management and partner management seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce systems. A complete picture of sales helps you plan your shop floor operations and improve your forecasting. 

Designing and manufacturing a high-quality product doesn’t happen by accident.

NetSuite helps you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead. Define inspection plans, pass/fail criteria, collect results and monitor all results as they’re recorded.

Improve quality while reducing costs.

NetSuite is specifically designed to help manufacturers of all sizes reduce operating costs, increase revenue and better manage their business and supply chains. Define and maintain your inspection plans, collect in-process inspection results and report on non-conformance.

“It’s been an amazing experience because it has built, automated, and centralized the order process in NetSuite. From the web store to order processing to inventory management, it’s all as perfect as humanly possible with timely reports that show us exactly what we want to see so that we know exactly what we have at all times. None of this would be possible without LUXENT’s help.”
Patrick Soong
CEO, Alliance Trading Group

Why NetSuite Is the Best ERP for Manufacturing

NetSuite manages your company data in a single platform, giving you control over business operations while allowing flexibility to meet each company’s unique structure. It’s customizable, giving you all the necessary features to manage your operations without any add-ons you don’t need. Here are a few reasons to choose NetSuite ERP for manufacturing:

  • Maximizing resources: With this platform, you use consumer and supplier information to construct beneficial relationships that drive profits. 
  • Staying informed: A unified platform lets you stay updated with all company data, whether you manage several warehouses or a single business location.
  • Improving efficiency: You’ll have organized and valuable business data at your fingertips to streamline processes like order management and the time to market for new products.
  • Eliminating errors: When you manage all data on a single platform, you’ll have fewer losses or errors — unlike when you handle company data in spreadsheets. 

Which NetSuite Manufacturing Modules Are Right for Your Business?

Oracle NetSuite manufacturing models offer tailored solutions to manage your operations. NetSuite’s three main manufacturing options provide solutions for various business sizes. Work Orders and Assemblies work well for midsized companies, while Advanced Manufacturing suits enterprise-level manufacturers. Factors like the amount of control each company wants over manufacturing processes may also determine a suitable module.

Working with a NetSuite Partner like LUXENT gives you expert advice to decide on the ideal module for your business. Request a product demo online today. 


What NetSuite Modules Are There for Manufacturing?

NetSuite has several manufacturing modules, like Work Orders and Assemblies, WIP and Routing, and Advanced Manufacturing. Beyond these, several general modules offer solutions also suiting manufacturing. These include:

  • Electronic Payments Solutions for NetSuite
  • Financial Management
  • OneWorld
  • Engineer-to-Order
  • Demand Planning

Is NetSuite Good for Manufacturing?

Yes. NetSuite offers visible access to all company data, allowing for insights that power growth. The data access also gives your business the flexibility to adapt to changes. Data informs your decision-making, meaning every change is strategic.

What Is Advanced Manufacturing in NetSuite?

Advanced Manufacturing is a NetSuite module offering the greatest number of features. It is an excellent fit for enterprise-level manufacturing businesses or those looking for detailed control of all manufacturing processes. The additional features not offered by other manufacturing models include finite capacity scheduling and advanced work order management and control. 

Does NetSuite Have an MRP?

Yes. NetSuite Material Requirements Planning (MRP) uses data like demand and bills of materials to determine the timing for production processes and the ideal stock levels to maintain business operations. The NetSuite MRP module determines what raw materials and components you need and the proper time for assembling finished goods. 

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