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NetSuite Development & Integration

NetSuite Development & Integration

Make NetSuite Fit Your Business and Integration Needs

NetSuite’s platform provides a comprehensive toolset to customize NetSuite to meet the unique requirements of your business or to further automate processes to maximize efficiency. In most cases, the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform customization capabilities give business users and administrators the ability to configure and customize NetSuite without requiring coding.
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NetSuite Development Services

In those cases where a business requirement cannot be accomplished without customization, LUXENT’s team of experienced solution architects and developers can analyze your requirements to design and develop the best solution using the right NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform tool.

Our development services include process automation to minimize manual tasks and provide smoother business processes. We can also streamline multiple business processes into one system, allowing you to work more efficiently. Customers might utilize developer services to create custom records and fields for security and authentication. 

Development allows you to create a platform that fits your business operations today and to make tweaks as your company grows. Our developers have the expertise and resources to create and deploy custom solutions for your business. 



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SuiteCommerce Advanced
NetSuite Web Services

NetSuite Integration Services

We live in a connected world, and the ability for NetSuite to communicate and integrate with your own 3rd party applications, SaaS services, and your partners’ and customers’ vastly improves efficiency and accuracy. NetSuite SuiteApps offer numerous pre-built integrations to applications commonly used with NetSuite. However, there may be situations where a pre-built integration may not be available or meet your specific requirements:

As a NetSuite integration partner, we’re willing to discuss your integration requirements and develop solutions, even when pre-built solutions don’t suit the needs of your business. We design, build and test application integrations before deployment to provide a smooth process. After our integration services, NetSuite and other third-party platforms continuously exchange data. 

These integrations allow you to keep your existing tools while adding the extensive functionality of NetSuite. We focus on giving you all the tools you need to accomplish your work. Our integrations are also efficient, allowing you to stay on top of your business.

Learn How NetSuite Can Streamline your Business

NetSuite development and integration services allow you to shape the software depending on how you do business. For customers seeking customization, Luxent is a talented and dedicated partner. We take the time to understand your situation and develop solutions that serve you long-term, even as your business grows and changes. 

Contact us online to discuss integration or development services. We can work with you to determine the solution that will best suit your business


What Are NetSuite Integrations?

NetSuite integrations connect existing third-party software, databases or systems with NetSuite. This connection allows you or your customers to keep existing software while maintaining seamless operations. Integrations allow for seamless data transfer back and forth between the two systems so you can keep existing software that works well for your business.

Can NetSuite Be Customized?

Yes. The two main ways to customize NetSuite are development and integration. Development adds functionality to the NetSuite software by automating processes or adding tweaks to make the software meet your particular operations. Integrations connect legacy or third-party software for streamlined data transfer between the two.

What Is SuiteScript?

SuiteScript is a platform that uses JavaScript and enables NetSuite custom development. Developers use this NetSuite platform to customize existing NetSuite tools or create new configurations to suit particular business applications. The platform allows changes to fields, form submissions and other parts of the NetSuite interface. It also allows for automation, which runs specific processes at particular times.