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NetSuite Implementation Services

NetSuite Implementation Services

Your Partner in All things NetSuite

Selecting NetSuite as your ERP platform is just the beginning. Working with a partner who knows NetSuite, understands your business and industry, and will be committed to your success is imperative.

LUXENT is a NetSuite Solution Provider with a team of NetSuite experts ready to ensure a seamless implementation. We pride ourselves on serving as a trusted advisor and true partner to our customers as we help them implement, integrate, migrate, and effectively use NetSuite ERP to run their businesses.

When you work with LUXENT, you can rest assured you will get the right configuration to meet your needs today and into the future, an implementation tailored to your industry, robust training focused on creating independent and confident users, and ongoing documentation and support that takes you to the next level and beyond.

Luxent Top Rated NetSuite Partner

Do I Need a NetSuite Implementation Partner?

Having an implementation partner eases your NetSuite adoption. NetSuite is a valuable platform with excellent adaptability to various business types across many industries. This adaptability also influences the implementation process, as each business must decide what setup suits its operations best. An implementation partner offers personalized service and support to guide a successful ERP implementation.

A NetSuite implementation partner is vital to NetSuite success and user adoption. Many companies attempt to implement NetSuite themselves or work through NetSuite freelance consultants. These methods often result in failed implementation and wasted money.

With an implementation partner, you have a dedicated guide, as someone is always available to tweak the process or answer questions.

Why companies Choose Luxent

Our Expertise

We’ve helped hundreds of companies select, implement, integrate and grow with NetSuite. Our highly skilled and NetSuite-certified team is extremely knowledgeable not just with the NetSuite product and modules but also with an understanding of how it works most effectively in different industries, business models and markets.

Our Dedication

With Luxent, you get a partner, not a project. We see ourselves as a trusted advisor to our customers, and this shows in our care for your project, business and team. Where other partners see implementation as a transactional project, we see it as the start of an ongoing partnership.

Our Methodology

We’ve been around the block with ERP, and while every company and project is unique, we’ve also distilled a tried and tested methodology called LUXSmart that sets you up for success from the planning stages to going live with NetSuite. Whether it’s ensuring a smooth data migration, mapping processes or developing an innovative solution to a challenging business problem, Luxent has the experience, resources and plan for your success.

Introducing LUXSmart

Luxent ERP Methodology

Our LUXSmart implementation methodology was developed to ensure every NetSuite ERP implementation is tailored to your business’s unique needs, industry demands, and growth opportunities. 

We leverage best practices, including: 

  • Decades of experience implementing, customizing and configuring NetSuite solutions
  • Data migration and integration to 3rd party solutions such as RFSmart, Paylocity, 3PL, SPS Commerce and Salesforce 
  • Processes and configurations that minimize risk, accelerate time-to-value and reduce the total cost of implementation and user adoption 
  • Our LUXPlan step-by-step guide to each task assigned to our team and yours throughout your implementation. The LUXPlan gives you visibility to every aspect of your implementation, captures and memorializes key business decisions made during the implementation process and saves you time and money with instructions for every step.

LUXSmart Methodology

Luxent follows an in-depth implementation plan to create a seamless process for the businesses we serve. Each step of the LUXSmart methodology was carefully crafted to ensure all aspects of implementation are addressed. The implementation plan includes six steps, guiding you from the initial planning through the launch and even after deployment. We provide support and optimization to give each business the most significant value for its investment.

LUXSmart Methodology_Plan

A good plan sets the stage for a great implementation. We start with getting to know you and your business and project goals, transferring knowledge, discussing all necessary data migrations, and setting up your LUXPlan, the project management tool LUXENT consulting teams use to drive accountability and transparency every step of your implementation.

Valued Luxent Customers

Start Advancing Your Business With NetSuite Implementation

The Luxent implementation team is here to ensure a return on your NetSuite investment. NetSuite implementation consultants guide you through the implementation and offer support afterward to provide the highest value for your business. Contact Luxent about our NetSuite Implementation services.



While implementing NetSuite yourself is an option, it is a significant task and better handled by an expert team. Experts know how to implement the software successfully and with industry best practices in mind. You may choose self-implementation to lower costs, but those who try installing the software themselves often hire professionals eventually.


Implementation costs vary based on factors like the size of your organization, customizations and the complexity of your business processes. Your NetSuite implementation partner can develop a custom quote based on the services you need.


The length of the process varies, but with a NetSuite partner, it can take as little as three months. Larger and more complex business implementations often take longer due to more complex business needs.


Right now! NetSuite brings measurable improvements to your business operations. It brings all data into one platform, allowing you full visibility into your business operations.

Learn How NetSuite Can Streamline your Business