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LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Integration

NetSuite Salesforce Integration

LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Integration


Increase your Salesforce adoption and efficiency with LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Integration. LiNK is an easy to install and configure native application to  seamlessly integrate NetSuite and Salesforce.

With customer transaction details delivered securely between Salesforce and NetSuite in real-time, sales and service users never need to leave their Salesforce environment. With LiNK sales and service reps can have a 360-view of the customer transaction detail. As a result, you will see increased sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Service Cloud Integration
360° Customer View
Real-time Information
Cloud Based
Fully Automated
Native and Simple
No Middleware

LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Integration

LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration
LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Service Cloud Integration
LiNK NetSuite Salesforce Pardot Integration

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