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iQ / CPQ

CPQ is the Secret Sales Sauce

One of my favorite reports I’ve shared over and over with our sales team is a 2016 CPQ report from Aberdeen that beautifully makes the case for utilizing a Configure, Price, Quote solution to improve not just selling metrics, but a salesperson’s ability to be responsive and successful. When it comes to making magic, CPQ is the…

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Supporting CIOs in their NetSuite Implementations

When it comes to supporting CIOs in their NetSuite implementations, Luxent’s learned a few things about the value of being a knowledgeable partner that is invested in its customers’ success: “We have a creative, responsive, people-first team that is always thinking about the customer and their success,” said Vivian Keena, Luxent CEO, in a recent…

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Apps Fulfill the Promise of the NetSuite Cloud

Check out the recording of our webinar with Avalara here.  When it comes to getting the most of your ERP investment, sometimes you have to look beyond the platform itself. Purpose-built applications, particularly those that are certified to work with your system, are the easiest way to seamlessly add functionality and improve your users’ experience.…

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Automating the Most Important Part of Your Business: Quoting

Automation is a hot topic these days as more and more solutions help businesses streamline manual processes. When it comes to considering what you should automate, it can be overwhelming to think through which processes and teams can gain the most from automation. In working with manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, my recommendation is…

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The Internet of Customers: Technology and the B2B Customer Journey

Internet of Customers

Reading a recent blog post by one of our partners, NetSuite, I came across a very interesting point about how drastically marketing has changed in recent years: “[T]he last five years have seen the rise of the era of integrated marketing, during which buyer behavior has been reshaped by the Internet. Buyers have changed the…

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From Excel Quoting to a CPQ: iQ CPQ for Manufacturers

iQ CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

When you’re a manufacturer or distributor, you need to be able to quickly provide an accurate quote to your customer. That can range from the simple repair item that is found on a price list, to a highly sophisticated product that is engineered-to-order with a bill of materials and operations. In addition, you may require…

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