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“Not only did we need a partner that could listen to both teams and facilitate a discussion that led to everyone feeling good, we also needed a team that would take the time to ‘teach us to fish.’ Our newly expanded team really wanted to understand and own each decision that went into the NetSuite setup, so we needed a partner that was willing to take the extra time with us and a partner who knew every aspect of NetSuite inside and out. Luxent was that partner.”

Jay Nathanson
Managing Partner

"Everyone I’ve worked with at Luxent has been on their game. They are knowledgeable with every facet of the Salesforce CRM suite, and have always met our deadlines. Our lead Luxent consultant is always able to provide excellent guidance on customization of the tool. I would highly recommend this partner to any manufacturing organization looking to implement or customize Salesforce.com!"

David Price
Marketing Communications Manager / Salesforce Administrator

"I am very happy with the creative solution that Luxent came up with to keep my practice management data in sync with my Salesforce database. Their alternative has saved me both time and money. I also appreciate their responsiveness to my communications and requests."

David Michael
Chairman of the Board

"I worked with Luxent on a customization project of our Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The process was documented well, easy to work through, simple to understand given my experience with Salesforce, and was in general very smooth. Given that the lead Luxent consultant was working on the West Coast US and our organization is based in the UK, the time difference, while awkward, was easily worked around with very flexible meeting times to suit our schedules."

Gareth Hughes
Vice President, Business Administration

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