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May 28 2013

Top 10 reasons why manufacturers choose a CPQ solution (Part 2)

iQ / CPQ, Salesforce

And now, part two of why manufacturers choose a CPQ solution: 5. To gain insight. Companies, sales reps and management need the insight in order to react to sales trends and close deals anytime, anywhere! Sales managers are always looking for the reports and dashboards that “they have never been able to get before.” 4….

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Written by David Copeland David Copeland

May 21 2013

Top 10 reasons why manufacturers choose a CPQ solution (Part 1)

iQ / CPQ

10. To handle complexity. Manufacturing companies have complex product portfolios that go beyond what standard quoting tools can handle. Manufacturers typically have a large number of products, product bundles and kits with optional components, a need for tiered pricing for various distribution channels, and configurable products. 9. To keep sales out of the ERP. More…

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Written by David Copeland David Copeland

May 14 2013

What do you do for a living?


We have all been asked, “What do you do?” When we answer that question, depending on whom it is you are responding to, the answer can be received and translated in a variety of different ways and with multiple meanings. For example, my mother -in-law introduces me as an insurance broker. My father says, “She…

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Written by Juel Hood Juel Hood

May 9 2013

How can I find running totals in the database? An exploration of data normalization.

ERP, Tips & Tricks

I’m always asked, “how do I query to get the total PO value?” or “where’s the total line cost I see on the Order Tracker in the database?”. These are very valid questions, and the answer is not immediately intuitive if you have not worked with databases in the past. As you already know, it’s…

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Written by admin admin

May 7 2013

Salesforce and ERP: To Integrate or To Not Integrate?

ERP, Integration, Salesforce

Integrating Salesforce and ERP. That is THE question that every Manufacturing company that is evaluating Salesforce and ERP needs to answer.  Having helped many Manufacturers answer this question we thought it would be helpful to share our findings with you. There are many ways to slice and dice the analysis on how this should be…

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Written by Paul Vranas

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