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LiNK Salesforce Integration

Increase your Salesforce adoption and efficiency by seamlessly integrating NetSuite and Salesforce. With customer transaction details delivered securely between Salesforce and NetSuite in real-time, sales and service users never need to leave their Salesforce environment. Whether on the desktop or mobile devices, with a 360-view of the customer transaction detail, reps will increase their sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Quick and easy implementation with pre-built integration processes to optimize Sales, Service, Community and Marketing Cloud

Convert Salesforce Accounts, Opportunities, Quotes and Orders to NetSuite Customers and Sales Orders

Bi-directional Integration Points: Customers, Contacts, Sales Orders

Integrated Transactions: Sales Orders, Invoices, Cash Sales, Credit Memos, Returns, Credit Memos, Customer Refunds, and Cash Refunds

NetSuite Transaction PDFs (Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Statements, etc.) attached to records as Salesforce Files

Built natively within the NetSuite and Salesforce Platforms

Simple, flexible and extendable NetSuite/Salesforce integration without the complexities and maintenance of middleware or iPaaS

Quote faster with greater accuracy with NetSuite Items and Price Levels

Allow users to work out of one system eliminating the risk of duplication and error

Data access and transformation processes are fully automated

Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher

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