Customizing the Salesforce Community Cloud™

The Salesforce Community Cloud™ is an ideal solution for any organization looking to seamlessly integrate a portal for internal or external teams. An extension of the Salesforce® platform, it gives businesses the ability to implement and scale a Community for distinct user groups such as customers, employees, partners, etc. Although Salesforce provides standards Community templates…

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10 Ways Custom Salesforce1 Community Cloud Helped BioTek

Product Page for BioTek Salesforce Communities by Luxent

The Salesforce1 Community Cloud (formerly known as Salesforce Communities) that Luxent built for BioTek was completely custom, designed to fit BioTek’s needs. Given the complexity of BioTek’s requirements, our ‘Salesforce experts for the Salesforce experts’ had to design some new functionality and processes to meet BioTek’s needs. Here’s what the Luxent-customized Salesforce1 Community Cloud provides…

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Getting Clear on How Salesforce1 Community Cloud Can Help You

Intro Screen of Custom Salesforce Community for BioTek by Luxent

If you’re considering taking the plunge and implementing Salesforce1 Community Cloud (formerly Salesforce Communities), you probably have some questions about how you’ll actually tackle the planning, design, and execution of the project. Here’s a quick look at how we did it for our customer BioTek. The first step and most important step of the project…

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What Is Salesforce1 Community Cloud and Who Can Benefit From It? A BioTek Example.

BioTek Custom Salesforce Community by Luxent

For many companies, the Intranet can be an inflexible, disorganized structure for important documents and files. Additionally, some documents and files are often valuable—even essential—to outside partners or distributors, so they need to be uploaded to an extranet, as well. Not only does managing multiple systems mean uploading everything manually, it means tracking and security…

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