LiNK Integration

Seamlessly Integrate the Data in Your Business-Critical Systems

One of the biggest business challenges every company faces is managing its data. The LiNK Data Integration solution seamlessly integrates information across your business-critical platforms such as CRM and ERP to ensure consistent, accurate, up-to-date data is available wherever and whenever you need it. For companies struggling with visibility, scalability, and usability with regard to managing data in disconnected systems, LiNK Data Integration helps you increase efficiency and reduce manual work.

Cloud Based

LiNK Data Integration is easy to install and has a small technology footprint and your information is available through the cloud on any device.

Real-Time Information

Customer and order information is delivered between systems in real-time so that users can easily access the right information when they need it.

Fully Automated

Data access and transformation processes are fully automated without any manual labor.

LiNK Salesforce and ERP

Increase your Salesforce adoption and efficiency by integrating seamlessly to connect Salesforce with your ERP software.

With customer and order information delivered securely to the CRM in real-time, sales reps never need to leave their Salesforce environment. Whether on the desktop or mobile devices, with a 360-view of the customer transaction detail, reps will increase their sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Includes These Data Elements:

  • Customers - Bidirectional synchronization of ERP Customers and Ship-to addresses with Salesforce Accounts.
  • Contacts - Bidirectional synchronization of ERP Contacts with Salesforce Contacts.
  • Parts (Products) - Import ERP Parts Master to Salesforce Products. You define the criteria for the Parts to import.
  • Opportunities - Opportunities synchronization gives you the option of creating an ERP Quote or Sales Order from a Salesforce Opportunity or Quote.
  • Sales Orders and Invoices - Import of ERP Sales Order and Invoice data provides visibility of all current and historical ordering, shipping and invoicing activity for visibility and reporting by account and product within Salesforce.


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