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In the last year we have gone from nearly no infrastructure to actually having a structure in place. Luxent was able to give us the structure and guidance we needed. As soon as we told them what we wanted to do, they wanted to help.  Their team worked long hours and weekends to get us a solution as fast as they could.

Roger Oney, CFO

Alliance Trading Group

We’ve worked with other vendors where you give them your requirements and that’s exactly what they build – even if there’s a better or more efficient way. With Luxent, we got a true consultative partnership, including pros and cons of different ways we could address our challenge.

Stephen Tam, Director of IT 

Jayden Star

Having used many sub-standard quoting systems in the past I was initially a little hesitant with the introduction of a new quoting system feeling this may create more work than it would reduce. How very wrong I was!

The iQ system is simply a joy to work with! iQ gives our company a professional edge when producing pricing for our customers. The automatically generated quote number means that each quote is unique and makes communication for the customer very easy with any of the staff within the business. The way iQ seamlessly links with Salesforce means that all information is available at the click of a button.

The biggest difference that iQ has made to our business has been improving efficiency/time reduction in the quoting of our customers by a whopping 60%!

The icing on the cake has been the high level of support we have received from Luxent every step of the way. The service has been second to none!

Adam Kidgell, Sales Supervisor


This is the second company that I’ve implemented Salesforce for our Business Development division and I can honestly say that working with Luxent as our third-party implementation partner has been a huge success. They are responsive, professional, accountable, timely, and pay close attention to details. If I have any issues or problems, they address immediately and are eager to solve problems that drive a mentality of relentless customer satisfaction. If you haven’t worked with this team, you’re missing the boat!

Dave McClure, VP Business Development

Tech Industries

H.G. Makelim Logo for Luxent Testimonial

Luxent, and specifically our trainer, did a wonderful job providing the introductory Salesforce training to our employees at H.G. Makelim Co. Many of our users are not very “tech-savvy” and were apprehensive, but our trainer went out of her way to make everyone feel at ease, and presented the information in an easy-to-understand and non-intimidating way. Our lead Luxent consultant has done an amazing job learning our business and the industry we serve; her knowledge enhanced the credibility of her message with our team. We have been very pleased with the overall level of support and guidance provided by Luxent, and our trainer reinforced our experience with a fantastic introduction to Salesforce.

Jim HessPresident

H.G. Makelim Co.

ChemArt Logo

We have been using our Salesforce with custom integration to ERP by Luxent Technologies for over two years. This year we upgraded our server infrastructure which meant our ERP systems, as well as the custom Salesforce integration, would have to be migrated and reinstalled on the new servers. Our lead consultant led the effort by planning, testing, quickly responding, and following-up to ensure a seamless transition of the custom Salesforce integration to the new servers.

Susan Boynes


Caterease Logo

We spent a long time searching for the best vendor/partner to get Salesforce training. It was the classic “Goldilocks” scenario – one was offering (and charging) way more than we needed; another was not offering nearly enough. The folks at Luxent were very flexible and willing to work with us to design a class that was “just right” – at a price that was reasonable, as well! (The class, and the trainer, were outstanding.) Since then, we have had a similar experience with custom CPQ development needs. Luxent took the time to learn our (very specific) needs and develop a demonstration that was tailor-made for us. Quite an impressive bunch!

Chris Kopriva
Sales Manager


BioTek Logo

BioTek has been working with Luxent for about 4 years now. They helped us with a major Salesforce implementation that was integrated with our ERP system and then rolled out worldwide. Big project that came in on time and within budget, Recently we partnered to develop a Company Community that is used by employees and distributors. We had some specific requirements that Salesforce couldn’t handle but Luxent came up with creative solutions. We and our users are pleased with the outcome. Luxent has been and continues to be a great partner of ours.

Deborah Farnham
Director, Marketing & Sales Operations


HydraForce Logo

Luxent was able to quickly assess our pain points and come up with an actionable and cost effective solution that fit our organization’s needs.
Working with Luxent has been great. Our lead consultant got up to speed very quickly with our custom coding and triggers, fixed and amended broken lines of code that had been plaguing our organization. Most importantly, with a very tight deadline, he was able to finish our project on time with little rework.

David Price
Marketing Communications Manager / Salesforce Administrator

Hydra Force

I have been truly impressed working with Luxent. They not only consult on the best way to implement Salesforce according to your business but they take a deep dive into your business and learn it. This way they are not only consulting on Salesforce but creating a plan unique to your business goals and metrics. The response to my needs have always been top notch, even when it is “after hours”. The team is constantly looking for ways to improve your business and make it successful.

Sara Elkins
Director of Online Marketing and Development

Gateway for Cancer Research

The Breathing Association had a very positive experience with the Luxent team. We have been successfully using Salesforce to collect and report client data to United Way for five years. However, as a small non-profit health care organization, we have grown over the past two years and added new sources of income with multiple new reporting requirements. Because funding is closely tied to reporting accurate, confidential demographic and patient data, we needed to upgrade Salesforce to accommodate these new demands. With changing costs/values for medications and in-kind services, we were left with a large amount of data to collect and a need to provide clear reports that could change over time without losing old data for each patient.

The robustness of Salesforce combined with the creative reporting methodologies developed by our Luxent consultants have given us the ability to provide multiple, accurate reports in a timely manner without overburdening our small staff with multiple data entry requirements. The training and training tools they provided allow us to keep the system up to date without requiring additional TA. As a non-techy, I was extremely grateful for their patience and willingness to work with me in spite of my lack of knowledge. Both they and Salesforce make it easy for me to be a Salesforce “administrator” with little knowledge of computer language. In the future we will make every effort to request funds from new grantors to engage Luxent to keep Salesforce compatible with the data we are required to collect and report.

Judy Kress
Director of Research and Evaluation

The Breathing Association

I am very happy with the creative solution that Luxent came up with to keep my practice management data in sync with my Salesforce database. Their alternative has saved me both time and money. I also appreciate their responsiveness to my communications and requests.

David Michael
Chairman of the Board

North Shore Pediatric Therapy

We had Luxent implement our integration between Salesforce and our back office system. We are very pleased with the results of this integration. Luxent has proven to be a great partner for us!

Elaine Haschel, Manager 


The thing that keeps me coming back to Luxent is the people. I have absolute confidence that I’ll be treated fairly, be prioritized, and get a solution that meets my exact needs.

Mark Zaroogian, COO 


iQ CPQ delivers exactly what we need. With a high quoting volume and the need to control margins, we needed a flexible, reliable solution that could handle our needs. With iQ, we’re able to create, modify, and deliver quotes that look professional and win sales.

Robert Soto, National Sales Manager

Snap-on Business Solutions

We searched around for quite a while looking for the right quote tool and I am so pleased that we found iQ. It is smart, very easy to use and gives our customers a great looking PDF. Implementation was a breeze with help from the knowledgeable staff at Luxent. Keep up the great work.

Brent SternDirector, Commercial Sales


FTS Gives Luxent a Five-Star Review for iQ CPQ

After an extensive search of companies and products we selected Luxent and iQ CPQ as a cornerstone for our integration of Salesforce with our ERP system. iQ CPQ will be a critical solution for us in speeding up our quoting workflow and gaining 100% adoption of Salesforce. The Luxent team has been great to work with. The team is knowledgeable on iQ CPQ, LiNK Data Integration, our ERP system and the manufacturing vertical. The scoping process was thorough and very informative, the resulting proposal was very professional, detailed and extremely well done, which helped me gain full commitment and support internally for this project. I would recommend them to other Manufacturers & Distributors looking to get the most out of Salesforce.

Chris Barteaux
Director of Sales


Since becoming the Salesforce Administrator here at Aasonn, I chose to utilize Luxent’s Salesforce Admin LUXSupport Managed Services to help save me time and help streamline our Salesforce system. My dedicated admin is not only quick to respond, but extremely knowledgeable and just as easy to work with. Luxent offers alternative solutions to resolve the task at hand, many times ones I’ve not thought of. I would be lost without Luxent!

Tonya Lee
Salesforce Administrator


If you need a great partner to implement or customize your Salesforce.com instance, stop looking. Luxent is it!

Luxent does a great job for us! Whether it’s an expansive project or a simple question, everyone at Luxent is professional, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable on every facet of the Salesforce CRM suite. Our lead Luxent consultant is always happy to get us the help we need, even while on vacation, and the entire team did a great job on our Salesforce implementation. The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.  I can’t say enough good things about Luxent and their employees.

I would highly recommend this partner to any organization looking to implement or customize Salesforce.com. In fact, I’ve recommended them to previous coworkers that are looking for SFDC consultants and even a company that has never utilized SFDC.

Aasonn loves Luxent!

Tonya Lee
SFDC Admin & Lead Gen Manager


Charles Industries Logo

As novices to CRM implementations, we looked at several consultants and selected Luxent because of the depth of their Salesforce experience and their ability to listen to our requirements and provide a detailed proposal customized to our needs. We were not disappointed in our selection as Luxent worked very closely with us on the implementation ensuring that our project was customized to meet our company needs while being completed on-time and within budget. Our Luxent consultants were knowledgeable and responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with Luxent for any company looking for assistance with implementing Salesforce.

Dan McHatton
Director of Customer Support Services

Charles Industries, Ltd.

HydraForce Logo

Everyone I’ve worked with at Luxent has been on their game. They are knowledgeable with every facet of the Salesforce CRM suite, and have always met our deadlines. Our lead Luxent consultant is always able to provide excellent guidance on customization of the tool. I would highly recommend this partner to any manufacturing organization looking to implement or customize Salesforce.com!

David Price
Marketing Communications Manager / Salesforce Administrator

Hydra Force

For our Salesforce implementation, Luxent did a nice job of scoping out our project and our lead Luxent consultant was able to provide us with a detailed timeline. He kept us on task, we met every deadline, and went live in two months. He also did an exceptional job training our staff, some of which had never used CRM. We certainly look forward to working with Luxent again in the future.

Sara McMurray
Central Regional Manager

Flow-Rite Controls

I worked with Luxent on a customization project of our Salesforce Enterprise Edition. The process was documented well, easy to work through, simple to understand given my experience with Salesforce, and was in general very smooth. Given that the lead Luxent consultant was working on the West Coast US and our organization is based in the UK, the time difference, while awkward, was easily worked around with very flexible meeting times to suit our schedules.

Gareth Hughes
Vice President, Business Administration

CMED Technology LTD

Luxent delivered as Synventive hoped, completing the implementation on budget and on time. The planning process built a strong foundation to give Synventive’s team the experience to manage our system needs, and this enabled us to keep budgets in line, and focus investments on key areas. Synventive continues to use Luxent for customizations that are delivered on time and with valuable and complete documentation.
We have numerous vendors that we use each day, and Luxent is one of the very few that I would recommend. They’ve done a great job for us.

Barry Moushegian
IT Director


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