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NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

September 6, 2023

Simplify data management by consolidating NetSuite, historical, and other data sources for centralized business access with the cloud data warehouse. Gain greater value from business data using the analytics tool to spot inefficiencies, improve productivity, and identify new revenue sources. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) offers the ability to not only consolidate data within one solution but to also avoid high-cost setup times with pre-built NetSuite data objects and models. 

Key Features 

  • Pre-built NetSuite cloud data warehouse with data objects and data pipeline built specifically for NetSuite transactional data.  
  • Prebuilt connector to popular list of Non-NetSuite data sources (Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce, Amazon Redshift).  
  • Secure environment features with Oracle IDCS: user application role and group settings, database activity monitoring, and more.  
  • Self-service analytics for easy report builds of relevant datasets, filters, pivots, and a collection of visualization options. 
  • Prebuilt dashboards, metrics, datasets, and snapshots on Financials, Order Management, Sales, Procurement, as well as vertical content – Retail, Services, Manufacturing, Software, Wholesale & Distribution, and Project and Case Management.  
  • Scheduled delivery of reports and rule-based notifications.  
  • Access to dashboards, decks, and KPIs for non-NetSuite users.  
  • Machine learning to forecast sales, inventory, procurement, and more. 

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