A cloud solutions company focused on empowering users with technology that's fast, smart, and easy to use

At Luxent, we believe that technology should empower users, solve everyday business challenges, and help companies grow. We build partnerships with our customers with customers to create, develop, and deliver solutions that make their systems, processes, and people work better together. With deep technical, software, and industry expertise, our consulting teams are driven to take manufacturers to the cloud through technology that’s smarter, lighter, and easier to use.


Luxent: lux (Latin for light) + ent (Enterprise solutions) with UX (User Experience) at the core of all we do

Luxent develops and delivers solutions built for the user. We believe that good design is dictated by efficiency, intuitiveness, and experience and this vision is at the heart of the cloud solutions we build and deliver. Our mission is to put the user in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing and delivering cloud solutions that empower and excite.

User experience is typically an afterthought, mechanical, tactical—“How will the user get from Point A to Point B?” At Luxent, we believe designing solutions starts from the user’s perspective—we prefer to ask “How will the user feel empowered when they use this solution? How will their day-to-day job be easier and faster?”

Luxent solutions are:

  •      Designed to make businesses more successful through empowered users
  •      Built using cloud technology to be more flexible and nimble
  •      Delivered by cloud, industry, and UX experts

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Luxent has teams located throughout North America

Luxent's team of expert consultants and representatives are located throughout the United States and Mexico. Our strategic locations throughout North America allow us to better support our customers in many key regions.

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