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NetSuite Selection Services

Choosing an ERP platform is a big decision. Besides the time and cost of implementing, you want to make sure you choose a solution that can grow with you and support you as your business evolves and changes.  

Luxent’s team is here to help you make the right decision about moving to a cloud-based ERP platform with the solution that’s unique to your business and where you’re going next. We work with our customers to understand their business and their growth strategy so that we can recommend a specific set of solutions without adding on a bunch of software you don’t need. 

Your NetSuite selection process with Luxent

  1. Understanding Your Business Today – We’ll get to know what you’re using today, how it’s working (or isn’t), and where you’re getting slowed down. You’ll get a feel for Luxent, our approach, and our team of experts who have vast experience with cloud technology, ERP, and the entire NetSuite platform. We can help you understand and evaluate your ERP options, as well as understand the opportunities for integration and customization on the NetSuite platform.
  2. Getting to Know Where You Want to Go – Luxent’s NetSuite Selection Team will spend time understanding your strategic plan, where you’re growing, and start talking about places where efficiency or scalability can be added to support what’s next.
  3. Tailored Demonstration – Once we know you better, we’ll provide a tailored and in-depth demonstration of NetSuite and the specific additions or customizations that can make it a great fit for your company. We’ll talk both near and long-term about where you can grow with NetSuite, while helping you prioritize how you can add functionality as you need it.
  4. Project Planning – We’ll work together to discuss timing, technology, and solution specifics so you not only feel confident in your selection and implementation, but see a clear path to user adoption and ROI.


Working with a team dedicated to understanding your business and opportunities makes the difference. The Luxent NetSuite Selection Team is here to help you feel confident and excited about selecting, implementing, and growing with the NetSuite Cloud ERP platform.

Luxent is the NetSuite Partner You’ve Been Looking For

When you’re looking for a proven NetSuite partner that’s experienced, knowledgeable, and invested in helping your users take ownership of your NetSuite investment, look no further than Luxent.

With deep roots in ERP, cloud technology, and manufacturing/distribution, we’re committed to helping customers implement, integrate, and scale NetSuite to meet their specific business needs today and into the future.

We offer comprehensive consulting services for NetSuite, including:

  • Selection and validation
  • Implementation planning and support
  • Integration to third-party applications such as warehouse management systems and customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce
  • Custom solution development
  • Consultants averaging 15+ years of experience with ERP and cloud technology
  • User adoption training

Choosing the best ERP platform is just as important as choosing the right partner. Contact us for more information about NetSuite, our services, and how we can work together, including how you can get started with a free 14-day trial of NetSuite to experience how the leading cloud ERP platform can work for you.

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