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ERP Integration Changes Everything

May 7, 2021

BraunAbility, the customer at the center of our most recent success story, faced a challenge almost every company encounters: they’d invested in great platforms that weren’t talking to each other. Where their back-office ERP platform was great for day-to-day accounting and product tracking, it was no help when it came to providing the customer service BraunAbility prioritizes. The opposite was true as well, with their CRM working great for customer and partner administration but not having access to all the detailed product information stored in the ERP.

“We had three separate systems – an ERP, Salesforce, and a dealer portal – and they weren’t talking to each other. We were stuck,” remembers Elaine Haschel, Customer Experience Manager at BraunAbility. Enter Luxent and its LiNK data integration solution.

Integrating your most critical technology systems is not only smart business, it has far-reaching efficiency and financial upside as well. As Luxent CEO Vivian Keena stated in a 2016 interview on integration, “Once businesses start integrating systems, they set themselves up for increased returns on their investment and the ability to drive more efficiency and scalability, all while empowering their users.”

This has certainly proved the case for BraunAbility. With their Salesforce CRM and ERP fully integrated, they’ve been able to streamline operations, consistently capture and share important customer information such as warranty numbers, quickly and easily pull reports that accesses information in different systems, give greater visibility to outside sales reps, and more. “We used to have so many lengthy, manual data entry processes and now that we’ve centralized data entry between our ERP and Salesforce systems and ensured the right information flows between them, it’s like a whole new world of efficiency has opened up to us,” said Haschel.

BraunAbility is not the only company that has experienced the benefits of data integration. As more and more businesses invest in powerful and flexible systems, it becomes imperative that ROI is measured, demonstrated, and experienced at all levels of a business. To learn more about LiNK data integration, contact us for a discussion about how integration can benefit you.

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