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What is in the NetSuite 2023.1 Release?

February 14, 2023

The NetSuite 2023.1 Release is nearly here. Are you ready? 

We can always count on NetSuite to kick off the new year with a new release chock-full of “Suite” new features. NetSuite 2023.1 Release has a large impact on companies that stock and ship inventory, as well as add value to items with assemblies. Several new features and modules are launching with NetSuite 2023.1 that have wide-reaching impacts for organizations of all kinds! 

Luxent’s highlights: 

  • Ship Central 
  • Standalone Assembly Builds 
  • SCM Mobile Enhancements 
  • Bill of Materials Support Ending 
  • AP Automation 
  • New fully supported record types for REST Web Services 
  • SuiteAnalytics Enhancements 
  • Sandbox refresh behavior changes 

Ship Central 

This exciting new product was announced almost a year ago at SuiteWorld 2022, and it is now finally ready with the NetSuite 2023.1 release! All that is required to have access to Ship Central is to be licensed for Advanced Inventory or NetSuite WMS. Most NetSuite customers that use inventory will already have Advanced Inventory. 

Ship Central offers a mobile User Interface to convert a packed order into a shipped order, with the ability to shop for the best shipping rates from integrated carriers. 

The entire fulfillment process remains Pick > Pack > Ship, and only Picking requires NetSuite WMS or some other method of getting orders picked. 

Stay tuned for a deeper look at ShipCentral in the coming weeks. This is Luxent’s most anticipated feature of the 2023.1 release! 

Standalone Assembly Builds 

A very helpful addition to Manufacturing Mobile is the ability to report standard Assembly Builds without requiring a work order. Most companies will already require a work order before any production can occur, but for the few companies that don’t always or don’t ever issue work orders in advance, this will allow you to still use the Manufacturing Mobile UI. 

All that is required to have access to Manufacturing Mobile is to have the basic Work Orders & Assemblies module licensed. 

Luxent has implemented NetSuite Manufacturing Mobile for several clients, including the customization of several pages for specific requirements and data capture. Contact us soon to discover how Luxent can improve your manufacturing reporting by implementing or customizing Manufacturing Mobile! 

Standard Bill of Materials Support ending 

NetSuite has now officially decided to deprecate the classic method of assigning component items directly to an assembly item. This may be a shock if you are currently using standard Bills of Material (BOMs), but the increased flexibility of the advanced bill of material allows for increased visibility with changing BOMs over time, validity dates, and multiple revision options for the same assembly. Some organizations may also see improved system performance when accessing and editing assembly item records, as the advanced BOM lives as a linked sublist record to the assembly item rather than embedded directly on the item record. 

The learning curve for this major change can be overwhelming, but Luxent is here to help any organization convert to the new structure and realize all the benefits the Advanced Bill of Material has to offer. Contact us soon for help learning, implementing, or automating certain elements of Advanced BOMs. 

SCM Mobile Enhancements 

With the release of NetSuite 2023.1, NetSuite is now offering more standard options for configuring the “out-of-box" pages in SCM mobile, including all WMS apps and mobile manufacturing apps. Contact Luxent for help implementing or configuring/customizing SCM Mobile including Manufacturing Mobile and Warehouse Management. 

Luxent includes support and training for all LUXSupport clients. To implement Manufacturing Mobile, Pack Station, or Ship Central for the first, contact Luxent today to create an implementation project. 

AP Automation 

NetSuite has heard their customers loud and clear on more banking and Accounts Payable features, and they’ve responded by offering their first version of AP Automation. Luxent’s Chief Solution Architect will be discussing the module at length in an upcoming post.  

New Fully Supported Record Types for REST Web Services 

NetSuite has been hard at work adding more native record types to the enhanced REST Web Services. REST Web Services is different than RESTlets in that it provides a robust out-of-box REST method for interacting with records. The most exciting addition to the new record types in this release is the Fulfillment Request feature. 

Luxent will be testing out some new ideas using the Fulfillment Request workflow in a shipping process. I suspect that the Fulfillment Request record is becoming generally available to REST Web Services because NetSuite might have a plan for a new feature in SCM Mobile / Warehouse Management. 

Engage Luxent today for a new project that can take advantage of the new efficiencies available with any record that is generally available for REST Web Services. 

Here is the link to the REST API Browser as of February 2023. 


With the release of NetSuite 2023.1, SuiteAnalytics Portlets now allow the employee to dynamically change their filters for a workbook visualization within the portlet itself. Additionally, there are more enhancements to the data caching service which has a large positive impact for NetSuite customers with high volumes of transactions. 

SuiteAnalytics is the new feature that NetSuite has been very excited about, but customers and implementors have often overlooked this feature. Ask Luxent today how we can help you use SuiteAnaltyics to gain new insights with your data. Luxent includes SuiteAnalytics in the scope of all LUXSupport contracts. 

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Snapshot, NetSuite 2023.1 Release

Sandbox Behavior Changes 

All scheduled scripts will be changed to Not Scheduled upon a sandbox refresh. It is unclear at this moment if this also includes Mass Updates, Scheduled Workflows, and Map/Reduce scripts. This is clearly to reduce the workload on servers hosting sandboxes, and it’s probably a good thing to keep sandbox performance high across the board, even if scheduled scripts are supposed to periodically generate some new content. 

If a scheduled script is important to run after a sandbox refresh, simply go to the scheduled script that needs to be activated and change its status to scheduled. Luxent will happy to help any LUXSupport client re-activate any scheduled script in any sandbox. 

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